Inclusive Education: Benefits for All Learners In the world of special education, inclusive practices benefit all students. We’ve seen how methods that help students with disabilities also enhance the learning of their peers. Diverse learning styles prepare students for life beyond school. Schools aim to prepare students for life, and inclusive classrooms reflect that reality. […]


IEPs and Mental Health Hey folks, summer’s rolling in, and you know the transition can throw off your routine, right? So, let’s talk about special education – when your child’s eligible, there’s this meeting to develop an IEP (Individualized Educational Plan). If already on the journey, the team gathers at least yearly (in my opinion, […]

Navigating Microaggressions in Special Education: 5 Strategies for Combatting Them

5 Strategies to Combat Microaggressions in Special Education In a time when teachers, administrators, parents, and the like have been called to the carpet regarding the words said about special education students. I want to talk about Microaggressions.  The subtle yet impactful behaviors can hinder the growth and well-being of individuals in various settings, including […]

IEP Tip of the Day: The Power of Informed Parental Input

Hey there, amazing parents and caregivers! It’s Latina Nickelson, and here is my IEP tip to help you navigate the world of special education and ensure your child receives the best support possible. Today’s tip revolves around the crucial role of Parental Input in your child’s IEP. I always advise parents to prepare a thoughtful […]

He doesn’t have Autism.

If I could count the times, I have heard this. Now, in the beginning, it made me second-guess myself. Especially because my Middle Little looked nothing like my Big Little. I think back to the first time I embraced his diagnosis. We were at a family function and had a meltdown that lasted over an […]

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