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How I Got Here

Hey Y’all, Greetings!

I’m glad that you decided to take a peek at how I got here on this journey! I’ve been trying to write this for a minute because people ask me all the time… 

How did you become an advocate?

The honest answer is … “It’s a good question, ask me again later.”

But here are the top five things  All About Me.”

 1: I’ve always been a champion for youth and education. For as long as I can remember, a wise woman (my mother) said, “once you know what you know, nobody can take that from you.”

When I think about it, that one statement has prepared me for the most incredible honor: raising my two grandsons (different than raising my two bio children) who live with autism. Since the beginning of this journey, I’ve shared my light bulb moments around “Autism Awareness” on my personal Facebook page. I shared stuff randomly, and in recognition of Autism Awareness month in April. Then came the inboxes with questions. It was difficult because I was still learning and wrapping my brain around my new endeavor.

Then the rubber hit the road (another one of those sayings from my parents) when a school phycologist told me “My biggest Little would never learn” because I needed answers to questions. From that point on, I began sharing how to change things, explaining common traits/behaviors, tips, and tools that have worked. It has been my soapbox, so to speak, to teach others how acceptance and inclusion look. 

 2: I wear many hats; grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, auntie, cousin, pet owner, and friend. I’m a full-time entrepreneur while “keeping it all together”! (At least I think that I keep it all together). My life is full! When it seems like it’s not full… I am just looking for the next thing to fill my plate. I don’t blog full time so take advantage of these gifts because they will come with some freebies and surprises, but I probably won’t be as active during the day. However, I’m a night owl (Because that’s when it’s quiet), so don’t be surprised by late-night replies and posts. 

 3: I call a thing a thing (Thanks, Ms. Vanzant), but I mean no harm. Maybe I should say that “I’m rather direct.” (Yes – that sounds better!) I am full of questions and have strong opinions, but at the same time, I also respect opposing points of view. Challenging thought allows for understanding perspectives and can be healthy. It is never personal. It’s for learning. What I am not is disrespectful, and nor should you be. That includes being nasty towards me, followers of this page, and the special needs community. If I see it, you will be blocked. If you are here, I assume that, like mine, your intentions are good, so WELCOME!

4: I like to talk! About almost any and everything (and that is the sentence, don’t come for me).

5: I’m a helper at my core. And it took me a very long time to understand that my knowledge is valuable. Because It brings me joy to help people – Period! Anybody that knows me will tell you that. If I’m blessed, I want to bless others. If they need me, I’m here for them. But, I own a business, so don’t take my willingness to help for granted. I’m not free.  

My life hasn’t been easy, but I’m here and living my life like it’s GOLDEN (humming Jill Scott). Sometimes, It’s tarnished, but I polish it and shine on.

I appreciate the TRIBE (The Special Needs Community). We “get” each other no matter how different, but now it’s time for the larger community to “get it.”  

I want the world to be a place that accepts my boys (and others) viewing their talents as integral parts of the whole. They are unique and wonderfully made. My goal is an inclusive system where our seats at the table are recognized as part of the collaboration.

Tell me…what do YOU hope to see from me here?


Ms. T

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