Hey, y’all! I recently had the incredible opportunity to connect with a group of amazing moms who are all on this unique journey of parenting children with diverse needs. Let me tell you, it was eye-opening, and the conversations we had left me with so much to reflect upon.
Parenting in itself is quite the rollercoaster ride, full of “what ifs” and uncertainties. But when raising kids with disabilities, you’re handed this extra complex puzzle without instructions for success. It’s tough, and it can feel incredibly isolating.
You might wonder what makes me different as a Special Education Advocate. It’s not just about providing families with information on special education, although that’s crucial. What truly sets me apart is my passion for building genuine connections. I’m not here to do my job and disappear; I’m here to be in it with you!
I believe in forging authentic bonds with every family I meet. I’m here to listen with empathy, offer a shoulder to lean on, and share in the triumphs and challenges that come our way. Building these connections is at the core of my advocacy because I firmly believe that we’re stronger together.
The journey of parenting a child with diverse needs can be incredibly overwhelming, and that’s precisely why we need each other. Together, we create a safe space to openly share our joys, fears, and uncertainties. We celebrate every little milestone because we understand just how significant they truly are.
But my vision extends beyond just offering support. I dream of a community where acceptance and understanding reign supreme. A place where no one feels alone in their experiences, and there’s always someone with a big heart ready to help. I dream of a world where every child, no matter their needs, is loved for who they are, celebrated for their uniqueness, and given every opportunity to thrive. They are seen, and their potential is limitless!
So, my dear friends, if you’re navigating the challenging world of parenting, please remember this: You’re not alone. Seek out your tribe, connect with those who understand your journey, and let’s weave a web of love and support that can carry you through even the toughest days.
Together, we can mourn the idea of the “perfect” child we might have once imagined while celebrating the incredible journey we’re on. Embracing the individuality of each child and finding our people—that’s where the real magic lies.

Sending love and hope your way, always. ❤️

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Ms. T

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